Michael Ventura 

I will begin by giving thanks to the wisdom keepers who have come before me and whose lineages I proudly serve.

For over a decade, I have had the honor to work beside several gracious and powerful healers. My work is grounded in the Chinese practice of qigong as relayed to me by Master Yuwen Ru and the shamanic traditions of the Nahuatl Indians as shared by curandera Doña Leova. In addition, my study of other forms with teachers such as Andrew Langberg and Eva-Marie Lind have led to the incorporation of herbs and plants, crystals, sound, and energetic somatics as called for in each session. 

One of the first and most meaningful lessons given to me along this path was from my teacher Gil Barretto, who told me that our self-work should always be in the service of preparing our essence to address and release whatever holds us back before our death. In our work together we will strive to remove the burden of karmic, ancestral, and personal trauma to enlighten the path before you. 

This work is rooted in service and I am honored to share it with all who seek help on their journey.