When a child is born a new energetic spirit is brought to this plane. As caregivers, our own energies must come into alignment with that of our child and help to ease the spirit’s transition to a physical form. Consultation and ceremony with new parents and families can be a powerful way to integrate new energies into the lives and home while ensuring that the child is also given space to ground and stabilize itself in this new space and time.


One of the most important decisions we make in our life is to share our spirit with another. A marriage ceremony is a meaningful and sacred experience that brings two souls together for the rest of their waking life. As an ordained minister, this ceremony is both spiritually and legally binding. Working together, we utilize ancestral ceremonial practices along with the wishes of the couple to find an approach that feels aligned and intentional.  

Living Space

Our living spaces are our most sacred spaces. They are where we return to recuperate from the day and where we convene with our closest family and friends. They are energetically very much a part of us and the life we live. Often, these spaces can carry residual energies from prior occupants, as well as energies that are picked up and carried into our homes from interactions in our daily round. A living space clearing uses a combination of sacred ritual, plants, and totems to fully clear and remove any unwanted or unnecessary energies that do not serve us from the home. Done in partnership with the home’s occupants, the space takes on a new and powerful frequency that can result in clarity, calm, and abundance.


Nearing the end of one’s time on this Earth can be traumatic. Feelings of fear and grief can be overwhelming for the ailing, as well as those in their inner circle. Consultation and ceremony is an important part of this journey and can be helpful in preparing participants to make their earthly transition as peaceful as possible. Working with those in transition, or with the spirit of recently departed individuals and their grieving families is a great honor that my tradition carries. Through ritual, we can aid the spirit in its progression and helping to mend the loss in those who remain on this plane with the memory of the departed.